Thursday, June 19, 2014

Poduim at Lyons Games! Outlaws of Dirt - Lyons Colorado

                             Stoked to get 3rd at Lyons Games. DJ took first and Ben took 2nd! So fun!

Sea Otter Sender - Outlaws of Dirt - Monterey California

Photo Cred - Rich Vossler
So fun to travel to the largest Mountain Bike Festival in the world and compete at the Sea Otter Classic.
Plus Size BMX put on a great event in the 2nd stop of the Outlaws of Dirt Series.
Photo Cred - Rich Vossler
Photo Cred - Outlaws of Dirt

Photo Cred - Rich Vossler 

Outlaws of Dirt - Burlington Bike Park - Washington

So fun with ripper Max Suffin
Burlington Bike Park
PLUS SIZE BMX - Riders waiting to drop in
Practice Sesh

Phar North Represent
Fun on the Whale Tail

Alex past the Whaletail
  Burlington  Bike Park - INDOORS!

All Photos by Jen Bardsley 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Riding for PLUS SIZE BMX!

So excited to be picked up by Plus Size BMX team out of Colorado
Click here to check out my edits on their website

Plus Size BMX is the Ultimate Online Magazine for MTB and BMX riding. 
Plus Size BMX also puts on the Outlaws of Dirt Series
Super Stoked to be apart of such a rad group of Pro MTB and Pro BMX riders!

Outlaws of Dirt | Helltrack | Portland Orgeon

3rd Place at Outlaws of Dirt HELLTRACK at the Lumberyard in Portland Oregon!

3rd Place at Outlaws of Dirt HELLTRACK at the Lumberyard in Portland Oregon!

Plus Size BMX put on another awesome Bike Comp in their Outlaws of Dirt Series in Portland Oregon.
The event was staged at The Lumberyard, an amazing indoor Bike Park compete with air bag to practice tricks.
I had a ball riding and was stoked to take 3rd place!

We stoped to sesh in the Tri City area in Washington along the way to Orgeon. 
Super rad biking at the Lumberyard in Portland Orgeon
After the race with Pro Dirtjumpers Jake Kinney and Steven Bafas

Evening sun after Helltrack

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Outlaws of Dirt: Frisco

At the end of my week in Frisco Colorado I was able to compete in stop two of the Outlaws of Dirt Series. This turned out to be the most fun competition I have had the privilege to compete at. I took fourth in my division and hopefully I will be at the top spot next year! I could not have been here if not for the support I receive from my parents, friends, and Phar North!
                                                        Having fun getting sideways!
                                          It sure was an experience to have so many filmers
                                          and photographers present.
                                         Right before the jam sitting under the Red Bull tent.
                                                 Tuck no hander over the last jump.
                                                 Fun alleyoop 270 over the right hip.
                                          Some of the best tail whips I have ever done over
                                          the second jump.
                                                           Laid back 360 mid run.
                                    Here are the highlights of the competition by Plus Size Bmx